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Krista Cox is a voracious explorer of external and internal worlds.

Writer & Editor

Krista primarily writes poetry, but also produces the occasional essay and/or screed. Her work has been published in Columbia Journal, Rappahannock Review, Whale Road Review, and elsewhere. In 2019, Krista was a finalist for Salt Hill’s Philip Booth Poetry Prize and received a kind note from Mary Ruefle—one of the highlights of her life. Another was when Ben Folds said to her, “Here I am, lecturing you about poetry!”

Krista is the Managing Editor of Doubleback Review (which publishes only pieces from journals that have gone defunct) and The Wardrobe by Sundress Publications (which features recent books by women, nonbinary, and genderqueeer writers). She’s an associate editor for Stirring: A Literary Collection (possibly the longest-running literary journal on the ‘net).

In 2016, Krista founded Lit Literary Collective, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving her local literary community. Lit Literary previously hosted monthly events, but of late, primarily just offers all-inclusive, accessible bi-annual writing retreats, for which Krista cooks (and adores doing so).


If dabbling is an art form, Krista is a master. She paints in watercolors, acrylics, and oils—mostly pictures of cute animals. She draws Zentangles and charcoal sketches. She has played the saxophone, bassoon, bass clarinet, flute, and bass drum (in marching band), and currently plays a lot of ukulele. She sings a lot. She’s learning to like learning new things, even if she isn’t very good at them.


For years, Krista has led workshops, retreats, webinars, and classes. So she wasn’t surprised that when she taught her very first in-person class at a college in fall 2022 — English as a New Language — she fell in love. Some day, for real, Krista will stretch into the Emotional Intelligence Coaching role she’s been learning and preparing and practicing for so long, but in the meantime, ENL Instructor and armchair counselor will do.

Freelance Paralegal

After working in the legal field (with a focus in environmental, insurance coverage, and corporate law) for almost 20 years, Krista hung up her nameplate and decided to go it alone. She loves the field, but especially loves all the opportunities it provides to organize things and create Excel spreadsheets.

Activist & Volunteer

Krista came to activism through compassion and empathy, and that’s where she focuses her work, too. She believes education, connection, and emotional literacy are important keys to the systemic changes we need to work toward justice and equity.

Krista is currently President-Elect of the LGBTQ Center of South Bend, and serves on the boards of Sundress Academy for the Arts and Dream Pop Press. Previously, Krista spent 5 years as the Chair of the Board of the now-dissolved Feminist Humanist Alliance.